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Betsy Palmer

Have you ever wished
you could have

one more conversation

with a loved one on
the other side?

Betsy Palmer Medium
• Do you sense/feel/hear a loved-one/presence near you? • Do you have vivid dreams about a loved-one or an animal? • Would you like to have a conversation with a loved-one that has passed away? • Your loved-ones are still connected to you.
I am a Medium: I open my mind to the non-physical plane and allow spirits to communicate to you. I am a conduit, a Channel, that information passes through from loved-ones to you. Your questions will be answered with respect, love & kindness.

Compassionate Channeled Messages from your Spirit Guides, Loved Ones, Archangels and Mother Nature.

Or looking for something else?

Betsy Palmer Medium


Betsy and Your Guides welcome all questions you may have. Born an empathetic intuitive in a family with psychic gifts, Betsy has been developing her skills throughout her life. She is a channel and medium, able to assist with you connecting to your spirit guides, animal guides, angels, and loved-ones on the other side. If you are curious about the role spirit and source consciousness plays in your life, her sessions can help you strengthen communication with them, and help you understand your place on your path of healing.


“I had a private group guided meditation session with Betsy, it was gifted to me by my friends. I didn’t know what to expect but It turned out to be unexpectedly life changing experience to me. A lot of helpful information came to me during meditation, the information I really needed to know ! I highly recommend It!”


“Betsy has always got something magical
and inspiration going on! Check her out!!!”


“Intuitive sweetheart. Love her insight and clarity.”


“See what Betsy has to say to you! I recommend her!”


Betsy Palmer has a gift! My reading with her was so spot on with all that has been happening in my life, it was simply uncanny! My own guides spoke via her, with a lot of love and a little teasing. They insisted on me listening and heeding their advice. We don’t always trust our own instincts, but what has continued to amaze me, is that ever since my experience with Betsy, I have so much more faith in my own ability to listen to my instincts. She passed that opening of insight, on to me. I am so grateful for having had the opportunity to work with her and look forward to many more sessions!

Gain insights and tools to assist you on your courageous
Inner Journey to Wholeness